VMware’s ‘Friendship Strategy’ Making Strides as It Launches vSphere 6.5

When life is easy in the world of server virtualization, you can go it alone. But when things become trickier it’s good to have friends.

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Docker Deals with Canonical, Debuts Public Beta on AWS

After six months in private beta, the Docker for AWS service is now available as a public beta. Docker for AWS was first announced at Dockercon Seattle in June as an easier way for Docker container users to run on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Equinix Buying 24 Verizon Data Centers for $3.6B

In a deal announced on December 6, Verizon is selling 24 of its data center sites to Equinix for $3.6 billion. The move is part of a continuing re-alignment at Verizon as the company focuses on areas it considers to be growth businesses.

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HashiCorp, DevOps, and the Application Delivery process

Today we are excited to formally release DevOps Defined, a guide for adopting DevOps to accelerate application delivery. Two years ago we published our Tao of HashiCorp, in which we detailed the design principles and philosophy behind our tools.

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Introducing Logstash Dissect

Most Logstash users that want to extract structured fields from an unstructured event data use the popular Grok filter. This filter uses regular expressions under the hood and is versatile to many forms of text. Over time, users tend to use Grok for all of their structured extraction needs.

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10 DevOps Experts You Should Follow

It may seem like DevOps has been around for a long time, but the truth is that the term is only seven years old. In 2009, Patrick Debois organized the first DevOpsDays event, and the name stuck.

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Blue-Green Deployments for Serverless Powered Applications on AWS

This article was initially published here: https://blog.mitocgroup.

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SDN Post-Deployment Considerations

A geek marrying a geek is a mixed blessing. She’s a Mac-head; I’m a Linux guy. It was an inter-faith marriage. Our division of home IT worked out to her getting desktops and home entertainment and me picking up the network, security, and anything that drops to a Unix shell.

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DDos On Dyn Used Malicious TCP, UDP Traffic

Domain Name Service (DNS) provider Dyn today provided new details about the massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Oct. 21 it suffered that disrupted major websites including Okta, CNN, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter, and confirmed that the infamous Mirai botnet was the main culprit.

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Here’s How Quantum Computing Will Change The World

When the world’s first digital computer was completed in 1946 it opened up new vast new worlds of possibility. Still, early computers were only used for limited applications because they could only be programmed in machine code.

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