Everything Amazon announced at AWS re:Invent 2015 so far

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest public cloud available today, loves to announce one new service after another during keynotes at its annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. This week is no different.

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Amazon Web Services gets serious about big data analytics with bevy of new services

LAS VEGAS—Those nifty Dash grocery refill buttons are just the beginning of Amazon’s plan to dominate a burgeoning cloud-based, data-driven connected world.

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AWS Official Blog

Have you ever taken the time to watch the access and error logs from your web server scroll past? In addition to legitimate well-formed requests from users and spiders, you will probably see all sorts of unseemly and downright scary requests far too often.

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Docker Weekly #104: September 30, 2015 – Selected links

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Apache Spark Continues to Gain Enterprise Traction

A new Databricks survey shows that Apache Spark is seeing big adoption in the enterprise, to the point of eclipsing Apache Hadoop. Apache Spark, the hot open-source data processing engine, is outgrowing Apache Hadoop in terms of user adoption, according to a recent survey.

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New malware program infects ATMs, dispenses cash on command

Security researchers have discovered a new malware program that infects automated teller machines (ATMs) and allows attackers to extract cash on command. The program is dubbed GreenDispenser and was detected in Mexico.

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Dolly Demo at LinuxCon: Rapid cloning of existing services with runC

At LinuxCon in August, I presented a keynote demo with Diogo Mónica and Marianna Tessel. The goal of the demo was to show that checkpoint and restore of containers can not only be used for the migration of stateful services i.e.

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PayPal VP on OpenStack deployment benefits and burdens

As one of the earliest OpenStack supporters, PayPal also happens to be one of its biggest users, with more than 300,000 cores using OpenStack and drop storage, as well as thousands of developers at the company working with the platform.

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AWS Storage Update – New Lower Cost S3 Storage Option & Glacier Price Reduction

Like all AWS services, the Amazon S3 team is always listening to customers in order to better understand their needs.

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VMware Tools for Nested ESXi

If you´re owning a lab or development environment at home or at work, running the VMware ESXi hosts within a virtual machine itself (Nested ESXi), makes a lot of sense. Not only it gives you a lot of flexibility, you also save a fair amount of money compared to a physical box.

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