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With Data Center OS, Mesosphere Turns Data Center into One Huge Computer

Mesosphere stands to make a major impact in the data center. The company formally launched its Data Center Operating System (DCOS) into early access earlier this week and plans public launch in the first half of 2015.

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Daily Video: Intel Ups Investment in OpenDaylight SDN, NFV Effort

Intel ups investment in OpenDaylight SDN, NFV Effort; Intel may team with TAG Heuer on smartwatch; Hacker group reportedly threatens Sony employees; and more. News on Apple’s iPod suit; Microsoft Torque wearable app heads to Android phones; BlackBerry CEO says…

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Cockpit In Fedora 21 Makes Linux Administration Easy

One of Red Hat’s newest software projects was the Cockpit Management Console that was announced near the beginning of the year. With the Fedora 21 Server release due out tomorrow, Cockpit is shipped by default and is a great new service for easy, web-based administration of servers.

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Silicon Valley startups discover power of political lobbying

They might be masters of innovation in some areas, but startups like Airbnb, Uber, Sidecar and Fitbit are finding that when it comes to Washington DC, the old ways are the best.

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CoreOS is building a container runtime, Rocket

Rocket is a new container runtime, designed for composability, security, and speed. Today we are releasing a prototype version on GitHub to begin gathering feedback from our community and explain why we are building Rocket.

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Is a Safer Cloud on the Horizon? A new technology called Haven could provide unprecedented protection for data stored in the cloud

Andrew Baumann, Marcus Peinado, and Galen Hunt recently unveiled Haven, which won a best-paper award at the 11th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 2014). When you store data in the cloud, you entrust the cloud provider with your data.

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Eliminating Downtime: Six Key Considerations for Your Hosting Architecture

Jeffrey Papen is CEO and founder of Peak Hosting, a managed hosting provider that has helped design, build, maintain and support some of the world’s largest Internet properties.

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Day 1 – Docker in Production: Reality, Not Hype

Written by: Bridget Kromhout (@bridgetkromhout) Edited by: Christopher Webber (@cwebber) Why Docker? When I started talking with DramaFever in summer 2014 about joining their ops team, one of many appealing factors was that they’d already been running Docker in production since about October 2013

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Chris’s Wiki : blog/sysadmin/KeepLogsLonger

One simple thing you can do to improve your life is to make your machines keep their logs for longer than they currently do.

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