PuppetLabs Introduces Application Orchestration

Article Sponsor: Puppet Labs Everybody loves Puppet! Or at the very least, an awful lot of people USE Puppet and in the IT world, “love” is often best expressed by the opening of one’s wallet.

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In 2013, about a year after we joined Facebook, 200m people were using Instagram every month and we were storing 20b photos. With no slow-down in sight, we began Instagration – our move from servers to ‘s infrastructure.

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Comparing Message Queue Architectures on AWS

In Forter, we crunch multiple data streams each with its own different requirements. In order to choose the right tool for the job we mapped different event dispatching architectures that suit our needs.

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Facebook starts testing long-awaited Work Chat app for businesses

At the start of this year, Facebook revealed that it was developing a work-focused version of its social networking tools to try and convert its consumer success into a new stream of revenue from businesses.

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User Story: How this School Ensures a Positive End User Experience in their XenDesktop 7.6, XenServer, VMware & NVIDIA vGPU Environment

To ensure a positive end user experience, St. Dominic’s Priory College utilized proactive Citrix XenDesktop and XenServer performance monitoring to aid in rolling out XenDesktop 7.6 and NVIDIA GRID vGPU Cards  -James Trevaskis, IT Manager for St. Dominic’s Priory College The Organization: St.

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Red Hat delivers more container love in its latest Linux update

It’s been a container-filled week thanks to the DockerCon EU show in Barcelona, but on Thursday Red Hat added its own voice to the mix with a new Linux release featuring expanded container support. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

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Netflix Open Sources Continuous Delivery Platform for Multi-Cloud Environments

In order to meet the challenges of continuous delivery across multiple clouds, Netflix began developing Spinnaker a year ago, and the company announced Monday that it has released the Continuous Delivery platform to GitHub.

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Docker Containers Come to Cray XC Software

Today Cray announced plans to deliver an HPC-optimized Docker solution for the Cray XC line of supercomputers. Available in 2016, the HPC virtualization capabilities will be offered for the Cray CS400, Cray XE and Cray XK platforms.

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Japan chases title of world’s fastest computer with new system

Taking a cue from China, Japan is developing a new supercomputer that could be among the world’s fastest systems when released in 2020.

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Intel Plans to Put Its Insane 8-Teraflop Supercomputer Chips Into a Desktop

Yesterday, Intel announced that it’s putting its insane 72-core Knight’s Landing’ supercomputer chip—its fastest ever—into production. But perhaps more exciting is the fact that it has plans to ship desktop workstations that contain the face-melting computational powerhouse.

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