Over the last couple of days the same VMware EVO:RAIL questions keep popping up over and over again. I figured I would do a quick VMware EVO:RAIL Q&A post so that I can point people to that instead of constantly answering them on twitter.

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Cray CS-Storm Packs A Serious GPU Punch

GPU accelerators for technical workloads are apparently like potato chips. You can’t have just one, or even two.

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New @ZadaraStorage Solution Using iSER RDMA Boosts Application Performance and Reduces Costs

Zadara Storage today announced a new high performance storage as a service (STaaS) solution offering for private clouds – using a first of its kind Ethernet transport mechanism for exceptional performance at reduced costs.

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Google buys Zync for large scale cloud rendering

To beef up its cloud platform with more specialized packages, Google is acquiring Zync for its large scale rendering service for movie special effects, called Zync Render.

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Netflix open sources internal threat monitoring tools

Netflix has released three internal tools it uses to catch hints on the Web that hackers might target its services. One of the tools, called Scumblr, can be used to create custom searches of Google sites, Twitter and Facebook for users or keywords.

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VMware prepares OpenStack for enterprise use

VMware wants to bring enterprise-class reliability to OpenStack by releasing a distribution of cloud hosting software that runs on top of the virtualization stack. “There’s a lot of interest as OpenStack to provide a developer-friendly cloud.

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Dell, VMware, Cumulus Partner on Network Virtualization

Dell will offer VMware’s NSX platform on its switches and a converged solution for the midmarket segment.

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Citrix Offers Technology Preview of Linux Virtual Apps and Desktops Delivered from XenApp and XenDesktop

Citrix today announced a limited technology preview of virtualized Linux apps and desktops that integrates with XenApp and XenDesktop and extends the FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) to enable additional use cases in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas and financial ser

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VMware acquires CloudVolumes for faster virtual app delivery

Extending its desktop virtualization stack, VMware has acquired CloudVolumes, a 3-year-old startup that developed software for delivering virtualized applications on the fly.

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AMD Jumps Into the SSD Market: Radeon R7 Series SSD Launched

Back in 2011, AMD made a rather unexpected move and expanded its Radeon brand to include memory in addition to graphics cards. With today’s announcement AMD is adding another member to its Radeon family by releasing Radeon R7 Series SSDs.

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